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In 2013, as she was publishing her first e-books, the Spanish-German author Rosa Sala noticed that we are all still very used to tangible things.

Relevant digital content, as books, music and audio guides, would increase its value if it were also tangible.

Tangible things can be wrapped as a gift, sold in brick-and-mortar stores, kept as a souvenir or signed by an author or musician, all things that she was missing with purely digital content like ebooks.

After sharing this idea in a conversation with friends, it became a company. In summer 2013, Rosa and her co-founders Jordi and Simon founded Digital Tangible SL in Barcelona.

To achieve the mission of making digital things tangible, they decided to produce nice-looking cards that people want to keep as a souvenir. Simon Effing developed a system that converts unique codes printed on them into a non-transferable key that provides access to the digital content without requiring an app nor a sign-in. The LWAC-system(int. pat. pending) was born.

Digital Tangible SL started with ebooks and audio books. That happened to be a bumpy road. In 2016 the team discovered that their cards with unique codes can empower museums and other venues around the world by offering audio guides without the hazzle of devices nor the inconveniences of apps. They also learned that the World is full of venues that can be audio guided, but have never considered this option before.

They called it Nubart, the Audio Guide Visitors Keep.

Nubart's audioguide-card

Since then, Nubart's team has been growing significantly. Nubart's customers are all around the World. And hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed its audio guides.

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Our service levels

At Nubart we always produce professional quality content.

We offer three levels of service depending on urgency, complexity and budget: BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.

BRONZE is our lowest-priced level with fastest production.

SILVER is our most popular package offering turnkey content and greater options.

GOLD is our premium package offering full customization and maximum production value.

Nubart's team

Rosa Sala, PhD
CEO - Founder
Simon Effing
CTO - Founder
Jordi Pérez
COO - Founder
Peter Jacobsen
System Architect - Partner