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Ditch Physical Devices. Easy QR Code Audio Tours for self-guided museum visits.

A Nubart audioguide card to go

A truly innovative audio guide system

Boost visitor engagement and satisfaction with Nubart's innovative audio guide web-app.

No need for expensive apps or devices - visitors simply scan a QR code to access your museum's audio tour directly from their smartphone.

An attractive branded card with a unique, non-transferable QR code provides visitors with access to the audio tour's rich multimedia content directly on their smartphones. Because the printed code on the card is non-transferable, your audio guides have commercial value and can be profitable for your venue.

Our audio guide apps are accessible.

Museums gain great insight through visitor usage data and satisfaction survey.

Why Nubart?

Because audio guide devices require complex logistics and generate electronic waste.

And because audio tour apps are hard to monetise and only about 2% of visitors download them.

As simple as it gets

Why an audio guide device if everybody has a smartphone ?

Easy to use

The visitor only has to scan the QR to access the content. Thanks to our innovative scrolling interface, finding POIs is easy and intuitive even for the digitally-unsavvy.


Unlike apps, our card can be monetized, as it is non-transferable. Nubart can be a source of income for your museum !

Suitable for sponsorship

Unlike devices or apps, it allows the incorporation of the logo of one or more sponsors on the printed card.

La audioguía de Nubart

Tool for docent-guided tours

Optionally, you can incorporate a module with a digital group guiding system. This way you don't need to buy expensive radio guides.

Very high takeup-rate (TUR)

Our cards achieve a TUR of 10-20% when sold separately and 45-85% when included in the admission.


Poor connectivity in your venue? Nubart's audio guides offer an innovative offline mode. After scanning the QR code for the first time at a location with internet, the visitor can access the complete audio guide at any time as if using an app. The QR-code can even be scanned again in areas without any connectivity.


Devices generate harmful electronic waste. Nubart's audio cards are printed on FSC cardboard with CO2 compensation.

Just audio, or a complete multimedia guide?

Videos, sliders, modular structure, offline mode, downloadable files, remote control of the audio guide, option to upload files or to leave voice messages...

All this and more can be integrated into a Nubart audio guide

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Geolocation features in Nubart's audio guides

Need to show your visitors the way?

Interactive maps with visitors' locations, geo-scrolling, overlay for indoors...

Our geolocation package covers virtually all of your visitors' navigation needs.

Your visitors can open an interactive map with all points of interest. The map shows the visitor's location.

Each geolocated point of interest has a "show me on the map" button.

Outdoors, our geolocated audio tracks light up and automatically scroll to the top of the mobile screen when visitors approach a particular point. On Android, this process is enhanced by a slight vibration of the cell phone.

We can incorporate an overlay with the floor plan of your venue to facilitate indoor navigation.

  See Nubart's interactive maps in action
Nubart's interactive maps

Nubart's audio tours are a tool for researching museum audiences

Would you like to know your visitors better?

Collect visitor data without being invasive

Evaluation and audience research are central to the success of a museum. Nubart cards are not only an innovative audio guide that provides a multilingual self-guided tour to your audience, but also an ideal data collector. Nubart collects usage and behavioral data from your visitors' smartphones anonymously, without ever violating their privacy.

As a Nubart customer you'll have a password-protected access to your usage reports. Included in these reports, among others:

  • Home country of the visitor
  • Visitor’s native language
  • Visitors per day
  • Visitors by time-of-day
  • Duration of the visit
  • Ranking of most-listened-to tracks
  See Nubart's statistics dashboard in action

Nubart has an integrated feedback form for visitor research

Let your visitors tell you what they think

Opinion poll directly in the audio guide

Our free data reports collect a great deal of anonymous information about your visitors and their behavior. Certain important information cannot be retrieved automatically, but you can ask your visitors to provide it to you.

That's why after the last track of every audio guide, the visitor can interact with your museum through a short, 5-question survey. Our two standard questions are:

  • an overall rating of the exhibition on a scale of 1 to 5
  • a text field for comments on the exhibition or on the audio guide

Optionally, visitors who rate the visit highly are invited to rate your venue on Google.

Nubart's customers can receive visitor comments in real-time by email.

Your museum can select three additional questions from a list of options, such as age and gender, as long as visitors choose to share this info with you. Thanks to our unique code system, the visitor can only answer the questionnaire once, ensuring the quality of the data. Incomplete answers are also captured.

Do you need content production for your audio guide?

No problem. You will be assigned a production manager who will organize everything for you. We have a wide selection of script writers, translators and voice over artists.

Low budget? We also have amazingly natural AI-voices.

Worried about costs? Don't be.

Nubart has extremely convenient Business Models


You simply purchase a number of customized cards. If you wish, you also commission Nubart to produce content. Our cards are valid indefinitely and you can distribute them until they run out. Perfect for small venues.

No recurring fees!

Revenue share

Since our cards are traceable, we know exactly how many have been used and can invoice them monthly.
Get a steady supply of cards and the content production rolled in.

Revenue with no upfront costs!


Do you prefer to include the card in the admission? Receive all cards in advance and a monthly invoice only for the cards you have given away. Content production can be rolled in. Our take up rate is huge (45-85%)!

Service with no upfront costs!

Museums using Nubart's audio guides

Some of Nubart's featured customers

Nubart's audio guide for the State Hall of the Austrian National Library in Vienna

State Hall - Austrian National Library, Vienna

Permanent exhibition

Nubart's audioguide for the Alberitna Museum in Vienna

Albertina - Vienna

Permanent + special exhibitions

Nubart's audio guide for Sea Life Arizona

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Tempe, AZ

Permanent exhibition

Audio guide castle Bourscheid

Castle Bourscheid - Luxembourg

Permanent exhibition

Nubart's audio guide for the KTM Museum Motohall in Mattighofen, Austria

KTM Motohall - Mattighofen

Permanent exhibition

Nubart's audio guide card for the Basel Museum of Ancient Art (Antikenmuseum) in Basel, Switzerland

Antikenmuseum - Basel

Permanent exhibition

Nubart's audio guide for the Caves of Campanet in Majorca

Campanet Caves - Mallorca

Natural monument

Nubart's audio guide for the national Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana

National Museum Slovenia - Ljubljana

Permanent Exhibition

Audioguide Polish Aviation Museum Krakow

Polish Aviation Museum - Krakow

Permanent Exhibition