Nubart Sync

Play your videos on site and the audio on people's smartphones.

Pair your audio with on site videos using Nubart Sync

Internet-based AV sync tech in real time

Would you like your public videos to " speak " without disturbing anyone? In the language of your audience's choice? And always with perfect lip-sync?

With Nubart Sync you just found the live audio-visual synchronisation technology you were looking for.

Our patent pending solution is also simple and affordable. It does not require special equipment or complex technical systems such as broadcast, closed local networks, beacons or infrared. All you and your audience need is a regular internet connection (WIFI or mobile data). No app download nor registration are required.

Your listeners simply scan a QR code to get the soundtrack for your videos in the language of their choice. No need for annoying loud PA systems. The sound will be streamed to them in perfect sync, with no delays.

Nubart sync is fully scalable: suitable for any number of listeners. Looping is possible. Video length is irrelevant. Perfectly suitable for any kind of large-scale public displays, whether it be a mosaic video walls, a projected video, or a laser show.

Nubart Sync Operation Chart

How does Nubart Sync work

How does Nubart Sync works

Systems compatible with Nubart Sync

Compatible with

Any screen or player with internet connection

If your device can open a browser (preferably Chromium-based) and has an internet connection, it should be compatible with Nubart Sync.


Compatible with Brightsign video players with Internet connection, such as HD224. Compatible with Brightsight Author digital signage software.

Micro-mapping or other AV-solutions

As long as your device has Internet connection, you can integrate our API in your custom playback system. Please contact us.

Demo to test Nubart Sync

This is our demo

Demo Nubart Sync

Click this image to open the video on a PC or laptop. Play it.

Demo Nubart Sync

Scan this QR-code with a smartphone

Demo Nubart Sync

Pick a language

Demo Nubart Sync

Play the track

Customers applying Nubart Sync

Featured customers

Nubart Sync - Immersive exhibition Dalí Challenge for ArtDidaktik

ArtDidaktik (Spain)

Immersive Exhibition "Dalí Challenge"

Format WerbeArt (Germany)

Stand in professional exhibition

Nubart Sync - On-site video displays for Koge Museum

Koge Museum (Denmark)

On-site video displays

Musea Brugge (Belgium)

On-site video displays

Nubart Sync - On-site video displays for Danish Castle Center (Denmark)

Danish Castle Center (Denmark)

On-site video displays