How does Nubart Sync work

How does the browser-based audio-video-synchronisation works

More about Nubart-sync

Man watching video in a venue

It is common for museums or cultural venues to offer educational videos, artistic video installations or multiscreen / mosaic video walls. The sound of these videos can interfere with each other or disturb other visitors. Public headphones are not COVID-proof. In addition, foreign visitors may want to listen to the video in their own language.

With Nubart's innovative browser-based video-audio synchronisation you can upload your video and its soundtracks in several languages to your customer area in the Nubart platform. You can keep your video password-protected or generate an open link.

At Nubat we will take care of setting up the sound tracks and have them paired with the original video. You can provide access to them via a QR-code or shortened URL or integrate the synced tracks in our audioguide-cards, together with prerecorded tracks and other multimedia elements.

Your video can be streamed or played locally, i.e. with an external computer or with a memory-stick connected to your smart display. You just need to make sure that your displays or projectors have the ability to open a browser and have an Internet connection to allow the pairing of video and sound.

Check it out with our demo

Click on the blue button on a desktop-computer:

Play the video. Feel free to click on "full screen", as you would do when running the video at your venue.

Now scan the QR-code below with a smartphone, as your visitors would:

Demo of nubart's browser-based audio-video-synchronisation

Choose a language and play the synced sound track.

Feel free to use the top menu language icon to test the synchronisation also in other languages.

Demo of nubart's browser-based audio-video-synchronisation

You will hear all soundtracks magically synced, just as they will be at your venue!