Browser-based audio-video-synchronisation

Nubart Sync plays online soundtracks in sync with on-site videos.

In the language of the viewer's choice. No hardware nor apps required!

Does your venue display educational videos or video installations, perhaps even in multiple languages?

Avoid unhygienic public headphones or sound stations. Let your visitors use their smartphone instead!

Our fully browser-based solution does not require special devices nor the download of an app!

Your visitors will be able to listen to the synchronised sound in the language of their choice.

Try our demo!


How does Nubart Sync work

How does Nubart Sync works

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Offer multilingual, synced soundtracks for your public videos

It is common for museums or cultural venues to offer educational videos, artistic video installations or multiscreen / mosaic video walls. The sound of these videos can interfere with each other or disturb other visitors. Public headphones are not COVID-proof. In addition, foreign visitors may want to listen to the video in their own language.

With the unique Nubart Sync (patent pending), you can upload your multilingual audio tracks to your customer area on our platform. You can either upload the video as well, or run it through the SD card of your Brightsign player.

At Nubart we will take care of setting up the sound tracks and have them paired with the original video. You can provide access to them via a QR-code or shortened URL or integrate the synced tracks in our audioguide-cards, together with prerecorded tracks and other multimedia elements.

Your synced video can be streamed or played locally, or published through BrightAuthor on a Brightsign player.

Check it out with our demo

Click on the blue button on a desktop-computer:

Click here for a demo of Nubart's audio-video sync
Click here for a demo of Nubart's audio-video sync

Play the video. (At your site you would play the video in full screen and switch to a local video file).

Now scan the QR-code below with a smartphone, as your visitors would:

Click here for a demo of Nubart's audio-video sync
Click here for a demo of Nubart's audio-video sync
Demo of nubart's browser-based audio-video-synchronisation