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The audio-guide you can keep

Has this ever happened to you?

You want to go and see an exhibition, but you have only time for a short visit.

You wonder if it's worthwhile to spend money on the audio-guide if you can only listen to about 20% of all the information.

Besides, you don't like to use devices which have been touched by so many hands.

Eventually you decide to give up, missing important information which would have enriched your visit.

This also happens to your museum visitors!

Many people would pay for the audio-guide if they could keep it to continue listening later.

Or if they could access it directly from their mobile device.

Or keep it as a souvenir of their visit.

Or purchase the audio-guides of previous exhibitions which they were unable to visit.

Nubart has the solution:

An attractive download card with an access code to the sound tracks or other content.

Without having to program expensive apps.

Incorporating the languages you need.

Protecting the content by restricting access to one or more devices.

Able to be heard in streaming (with low consumption of data, memory and battery).

Easily adaptable to any change of the content.

With the option to incorporate other documents: videos, location maps, PDFs...

Customize your audio-guide!

The printable surface of our audio-guide gives temporary exhibitions a persistent component.

It promotes the branding of your museum.

It allows you to print the logos of your sponsors and promotes their support.

You could give it to important visitors for free or mail it for promotional purposes.

And it may subsequently be sold in the museum store.

Make your audio-guide persistent and transform it into an audio publication!

Nubart audio-guides

Do you want to know the age of your visitors?

Our audio-guide collects statistical data (type of device, heard tracks, language, duration of the visit, date and time, etc.).

But we also ask the visitors about their age, country and their opinion about the exhibition.

And this just in the right moment: at the end of their visit, inside the museum and without sending the visitor to an external link. We make it so easy that the visitor will respond!

Our audio-guide becomes a source of data about your visitors. Rebuild the visitor's journey of your audience without invasive methods and completely anonymously!

Nubart: audio-guide with data and user feedback

We offer all the services you need for your audio-guide

Every card has a unique code and is not transferable.

We will take care of everything needed, you only have to care about your exhibition.

Our price includes professional translations and voice-overs of your script.

We will layout and print the cards.

We can also provide headphones and customize them with your logo.

We will send you statistical data regarding to the use of the audio-guide and user feedback.

How much is it going to cost me?

Very little!

The minimum print run is 6,000 copies. You can replace them when needed and always ensure the return of investment.

You can also sell it in the museum shop, even for past exhibitions.

There is no need for the presence of an employee to charge batteries or hand out devices.

Feel free to ask for a nonbinding quote!

Nubart: The audio-guide you can keep

And... can I trust you?

Digital Tangible S.L. was born in Barcelona with the intention to make digital content tangible.

In 2013 we patented our Seebook and Nubart download cards.

We use cutting edge technology and our own distribution network.

Our ebook download cards are available for purchase in 200 bookstores throughout Spain. More than twenty leading publishers have trusted us and prestigious museums and exhibition centers have decided to use our audio-guides.

One of the ordered Nubart audio-guides