We just launched the travelling audio guide

Paying to rent an audio guide in a museum and not having time to listen to more than four or five tracks is an annoying experience. The pressure to make the most of the expense incurred creates stress, prevents due attention to what is heard, and deteriorates the visitor’s experience.

The ideal solution would be to offer the visitor an audio guide that she can keep, and that is exactly what we have been doing for a long time in Nubart.

But today we’re going to explain a new way of selling an audioguide that we didn’t have before.

About the need to sell the audio guide

A museum in Europe -the very old house of a famous musician- recently contacted us and told us about their case:

Being a small and busy place, the visit is a bit oppressive and the public does not want to spend more time in the place than is strictly necessary to capture its essence. Visitors do not have much time to enjoy the audioguide that the museum offers free of charge through traditional devices, but they do have enough time to realise that this is an excellent multilingual audioguide of enormous interest. They find it frustrating to have to return it at the exit and not be able to hear it in its entirety.

As a result, the staff of this museum is often confronted with the question of whether one could buy the audio guide in some way to listen to it quietly at home or in a café after the visit.

The venue saw in Nubart a good solution for offering the content of the audio guide on sale in the museum shop at the end of the tour. There are not many alternatives: CDs are expensive, obsolete and cannot be listened to from a smartphone. And our non-transferable codes add commercial value to the cards and protect the content from unwanted mass distribution.

But in Nubart we saw that we could still take a further step in that same direction.

How The Travelling Audioguide was born

When the audioguide content is so good that visitors want to buy it to take it home, those enthusiastic visitors will also be interested in buying a few more cards and sharing them with their friends. Why not do it through a postcard?

It’s not hard to imagine the situation:

Dear John, I’ve just arrived in New York and I’ve seen this wonderful exhibition that you shouldn’t miss on your next trip. I am sending you the audioguide to give you an idea.

Whether they are sent or not, postcards are still the best-selling product in museum shops.

Thanks to the support of our customer, the Center of Contemporary Culture (CCCB) in Barcelona, we have been able to make this prototype:

Prototype of Nubart's audioguide postcard

Thanks to our modular system, the specific card on this postcard contains the current exhibition, but also the past exhibitions whose audio guides we produced at the time.

Naturally, each museum can customize the design of the postcard to their liking.

The advantages of postcard-audioguide

With The traveling audio guide, museums and exhibition centres can promote their work and give permanence to exhibitions that have already taken place.

Tourist information centres can market their urban routes (city marketing).

Hotels and resorts can create a themed audioguide and offer these postcards to their customers. 

As for visitors, they can share with their friends the enthusiasm for the audioguide they have just heard by sending these postcards anywhere in the world - a postcard is a great international promotion for a museum!

The Travelling Audioguide from the inside

The functionality is very simple. The addressee of the postcard only has to tear the postcard where it is indicated:

Ripping Nubart's postcard-audioguide

By removing the card, the recipient will be able to access the unique codes and listen to the multimedia audioguide.

The Nubart postcard-audioguide once opened

Thanks to our protection system, the contents of the postcard cannot be easily shared. However, the cardholder will be able to access the content at any time.

Good idea, right? :)

If you would like to receive a sample of The traveling audio guide or receive further explanations, please write to us.

Nubart's Audioguide as a card

We just launched the travelling audio guide
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We just launched the travelling audio guide