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Tour Commentary-system for sightseeing cruises on boats and buses

Digital tour commentary-system for sightseeing harbor cruises

Innovative tour Commentary System for Boat and Bus Passengers

Discover the ultimate tour companion for your boat or bus excursions with Nubart's cutting-edge commentary system. Our solution allows city, river and harbor tour operators to effortlessly provide multi-lingual narrated tours to their passengers, all through our state-of-the-art audio guide cards. Say goodbye to the hassle of in-boat-speakers, PA-systems, collecting devices or downloading apps!

Nubart's attractive, non-transferable branded cards, each with a unique code that serves as an exclusive gateway to the digital content. Audio tracks are streamed directly to the passenger's smartphone, ensuring a seamless tour experience even in areas with limited cellular coverage. Our advanced features, such as geo-scrolling, manual remote activation or programmed sequences, ensure that the audio tracks are played at precisely the right moments throughout the tour.

Choose to sell them as an add-on or include them as a complimentary offering with your ticket!

Why Nubart?

Because audio guide devices are not usually a viable option on ships or buses due to the complexity of their logistics.

And because loudspeakers disturb passengers who do not understand the language.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Why a loudspeaker when everyone has a smartphone?


Nubart cards are non-transferable and therefore have a commercial value. You can sell them and turn them into a source of income.


Passengers can take the cards home and listen to the content again. They become a nice souvenir to keep, which will help them remember your brand and recommend your tours in the future.


Nubart cards can offer content in hundreds of languages. So no passenger will be excluded from your trips.

The Nubart audio guide commentary system for boat and bus tours


Nubart audio guides are printed on FSC certified cardboard with CO2 offset.

Maintenance free

You simply give the cards to the passengers with the ticket or hand them out at the vehicle entrance. You don't need to pick up anything on the way back or maintain any equipment.

Feedback form

Each audio guide has an evaluation form. Passengers who rate the tour with five stars are automatically invited to review your business on Google.

No inconvenience

Loudspeakers can be a nuisance. With Nubart, your passengers will be free to choose whether they want to listen to the explanations or prefer a romantic and silent ride.

Happy customers


Unique codes

Three combinable methods to activate soundtracks

When it comes to boat or bus tours, delivering explanations precisely when points of interest come into view is crucial. At Nubart, we can trigger soundtracks using three distinct methods.

Geolocation (geo-scrolling)

Our GPS-triggered audio tracks light up red and automatically scroll to the top of the smartphone screen and start to play when the vehicle approaches the point of interest.
This is our most common and effective method.

Remote control (manual activation)

In some regions, smartphone GPS-geolocation is not accurate enough and may produce incorrect results. In these situations, the driver or guide can manually activate each track with a single click and send it to all passengers' phones. Each passenger will hear it in their own chosen language.

Scheduled sequence

If part of the route is in an area with no coverage, geolocation is not efficient enough and manual activation is not possible. In these situations, we preload the audio guide in the smartphone's temporary memory (our offline mode). The last track in the coverage area is the one that activates all the others, according to a time sequence that we customize for your case.

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Do you need content production for your tour?

This is not a problem. We can create content for you thanks to our wide selection of scriptwriters, translators and voice talents.

Is your budget too tight? We also have artificial intelligence voices that sound incredibly natural.

Worried about costs? Don't be.

We have extremely convenient Business Models


You simply purchase a quantity of branded cards. You can also ask Nubart to produce the content. Our cards are valid indefinitely and you can distribute them until they run out.

Get an audioguide with no recurring fees!

Revenue share

Because we can track the unique code on the cards, we both know exactly how many have been used and can bill for them on a monthly basis. We provide a continuous supply of cards and can roll-in the cost of content production.

Earn income without advancing costs!


Do you prefer to include the card in the ticket price? Receive cards up front and a monthly invoice for only the cards you distribute. We can roll in content production. Our usage rate is very high (45-85%).

Offer service with no upfront costs!

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