Audioguides With No Devices

On tourist routes with a vehicle (boat or bus), boarding must be done quickly. Traditional audio-guide devices are therefore not a viable option, as they must be collected at the end of the visit. They can also break or fall into the water!

Nubart audioguide cards are tangible like conventional equipment, but they don't need any maintenance.

Since visitors can keep them, they don’t require a deposit nor anti-theft protection to be lent out.

They work as a private key that allows an easy and quick access to the multilingual content directly from the visitor’s smartphone.

The passenger can access the contents as many times as he/she wants, but as they are non-transferable, the card cannot be used by somebody else.

This way they become a nice collectible souvenir that will allow the passenger to remember your brand and recommend your tours in the future.

An audio guide that suits everyone

Many boats and busses use speakers to explain the points of interest.

Some hire a guide who broadcasts the explanations live.

Others repeat pre-recorded tracks in various languages.

However, explanations from speakers can be a nuisance for passengers that prefer a silent and romantic trip.

Informations repeated in various languages have to be short and therefore unsatisfactory. And they will rarely cover the language needs of all passengers.

With Nubart, your passenger will be free to decide if she wants to receive the explanations or not, and in which language.

And Nubart's geolocation feature will always let her know which track should be listened to right now.

Girl annoyed by loudspeaker audio guide on river boat trip


Our geolocated audio tracks light up in red and scroll automatically to the top of your mobile screen as your vehicle approaches the point of interest. On Android, this process is enhanced by a slight vibration of the mobile phone.

In this way, your passenger always knows which track she is supposed to listen to on each stop. Our tracks do not play automatically to enable a non-intrusive functionality.

At Nubart we know that boats and busses may pass through the same place more than once, so conventional geolocation can produce wrong results.

That is why we have developed a custom geolocation that uses geofencing and a predefined order to adapt to the requirements of your specific route.

Watch a video demo of Nubart's geolocation
Nubart's geolocation feature for boat trips and river cruises

Fully-Produced Audio Guides

Your job is to organize wonderful routes. Ours is to prepare the content of the audio guide that will educate and entertain your passengers.

Nubart works with proven experts for script writing and with native translators and voice over artists. Not only do we offer you an innovative audio-guide technology, but also a first-class content production.

We collaborate with you at every step, from the script until the final presentation of the digital content.

Visitors Data

Knowing which country your visitors come from is relevant information for your marketing strategies.

Nubart cards are not only an innovative audio-guide, but also an ideal data collector. Nubart gathers usage and behavioral data from your passengers' smartphones anonymously and never violating their privacy. (See our Data Policy for Nubart's Audio guides).

As a Nubart client you receive an overview with statistics from the use of your audio-guides as often as you want. Included in those free data reports:

  • Home country of the visitor
  • Visitor’s native language
  • Ranking of most listened to tracks

We not only offer you anonymous data of all your passengers, but also a voluntary and anonymous feedback form located at the end of each audio guide.

Profitable Audio Guides

You decide if you want to give the audio-guide cards for free to your passengers as part of the ticket or if you prefer to sell them at any price you choose.

By selling them, you will not only quickly recover your investment (ROI), but even make a profitable business!

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