Gamify your audio guide

Catch & Answer Game for kids and adults integrated in your audio tour

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Game & audio guide, all in one

Nubart® Game enhances your Nubart Audio Guide by integrating an engaging gamification tool for any age group.

Let your visitors play and learn by:

  •  listening to the sound track of your mobile Nubart audio guide
  •  capturing an AR-widget geolocated near the referred point of interest, and / or
  •  answering a question related to what they just heard.

Since our Audio Guide cards are provided with a unique and non-transferable code, you will always know exactly who wins. Promote your shop or café by inviting the winners to collect their prize there.

If they agree, you can even share their win on your venue's social networks and increase engagement with your audience.

And best of all: you will hardly find a fully customizable gamification app as affordable as Nubart Game.

Why Nubart Game?

Because it is increasingly important to offer interactivity in museums and other cultural sites in order to attract and engage young audiences.

And because the integration of Nubart Game does not affect the usability of the audio guide at all, thus offering a complete solution for all types of audiences: those who want to play and those who just want to use the audio tour.

All in one

Why a separate gamification app if a game can be integrated into the audio tour ?

Easy to use

The usability is extremely intuitive and simple - no long, complex instructions that are a barrier to getting started!


Each card has a unique code. You will receive an email every time a visitor wins. You can also check the winners in your customer area. This will allow you to reward visitors individually.


You can use the game to attract new visitors. You can promote your cafe or your shop as a place to collect the prize. The results will generate material for your social networks.


The development of a customized game is usually very expensive. Nubart Game puts it within your reach in a single affordable payment with no recurring fees.


You choose whether you want just the geolocated widget hunt, or the quiz with questions and answers, or both. Also if you want it for a child audience, or an adult audience, or both.


We can design a custom animated widget that you can also use for your merchandising. And we can adjust the difficulty, messages, gamified POIs, prizes....

Instructions for playing Nubart Game

This is how it works

Scan the QR-code on the card

Then choose your language from the menu.
We can adapt Nubart Game to all the languages of your audio guide.

Listen to the track

Soundtracks with gamification have a "play game" button.
You can easily find them by scrolling through your audio guide.

Catch the animated widget

After you have listened to the track attentively, click on "play game", look around and capture the widget that you will find near the point of interest.
This will release the next step question.

Answer the question

The answer to the question will be part of the sound track.
So if you have listened carefully, you will know the answer.

Repeat until you win... or loose

Repeat the above steps with all the soundtracks that have the "play game" button. If you receive a winning message, you can claim your prize. The code on the card will serve as your voucher.
The game will disappear from your audio guide as soon as you have completed it.

Customers using Nubart Game

Some of Nubart Game customers

Nubart's audio guide for Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield, OH

Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield, OH

Permanent Exhibition

Nubart's audio guide for the Fundació Mas Miró in Montroig, Spain

Fundació Mas Miró - Montroig, Spain

Permanent exhibition

Audio guide Freital Municipal Collections at Burgk Castle, Freital

Freital Municipal Collections at Burgk Castle, Freital, Germany

Permanent exhibition

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