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Let your guests explore your view with our interactive landmark discovery tool

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Welcome to our 360° panoramic view experience! Enhance significantly how your guests engage with high towers, observation decks and rooftop attractions.

By integrating QR code access, visitors can seamlessly identify landmarks, access detailed information, and enjoy audio guides—all while providing valuable anonymous statistical data for your business insights. No app-download required!

Elevate guest experiences and make informed decisions with our innovative solution.

Let's see beyond the horizon

An easy, memorable and monetasible solution to improve your view experience

Easy to use

Visitors simply scan the QR, select a preferred language and click on the pins to access the multimedia content.


If you choose our cards instead of a generic QR code, you will receive a non-transferable item that can be sold. An additional revenue stream for your business!

La audioguía de Nubart


Poor connectivity at your venue? With our offline mode, once the QR code is first scanned at a location with internet access, the visitor can access the full content at any time, as if using an app.

Multimedia content?

Text, audio, sliders, interactive maps, videos... You can include any type of multimedia feature. And our team of experts can help you produce it.

Stats for your tower visitors

Get deeper insights about your rooftop guests

Effortlessly collect visitor data while respecting privacy

Access valuable anonymous insights into visitor demographics and preferences, empowering informed business decisions.

Nubart gathers usage and behavioral data from users' smartphones anonymously, without third-party cookies or privacy violations.

Your Nubart customer dashboard reveals essential information including:

  • Home country of the user
  • User’s native language
  • Users per day
  • Users by time-of-day
  See Nubart's statistics dashboard in action

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