Nubart Live - Group guiding system

The only tour guiding system without apps or devices

Nubart Live - internet-based Tour guide system for groups

Guide your group using nothing but the internet

Are you guiding a group in a noisy environment? Or in an environment that requires silence or very quiet speech?

Have you been put off by the price of conventional wireless audio tour hardware ?

Nubart® Live is what you need. It's an Internet-based solution that works easily on the participant's smartphones, without requiring the download of an app! And it's very easy to use, even for non-techies.

A cardboard printed card with a unique code connects the guide to the group members. The guide's smartphone acts as a sender and the visitors' smartphones as receivers.

It's as simple as that. Now your guide can comfortably speak without having to shout.

As simple as it gets

Why an audio tour guide device if everybody has a smartphone ?

Easy to use

Both visitors and guide scan the unique QR-code on the cards. That's it!
No registration nor app-download required. (Only the guide has to register).


Our Basic package, with 500 cards, costs less than renting a device and will have you covered for many trips.


Your visitors do not need to provide any personal information to use Nubart Live. It's completely anonymous!

Ask the guide

Your guests can ask the guide a question at any time without interrupting him: The guide can access the list of accumulated questions at any time.

See how it works Nubart Live: group guidance system for groups and tours.

Add an audio guide

In our Medium and Professional packages, you can also include an extra module with a multimedia audio guide.

Easy to carry

A suitcase with audio tours devices is heavy to carry and attractive to thieves. Not our cards !


The group guiding devices must be sanitized after each use. Not our cards !


Devices generate harmful electronic waste.Our cards are printed on FSC cardboard with CO2 compensation.

Check Nubart Live's Use Cases

Use Cases


Factory and plant tours

Guide your visitors around your factory floor in a very cost-effective way:
Combined with a unidirectional smartphone microphone, Nubart Live is ideal for factory tours in noisy environments.


Simultaneous translation

Nubart Live can save you the costly rental of portable translation equipment:
Each interpreter registers and acts as a guide. Simply distribute the cards to your audience grouped by language.


City tours

Nubart Live is a simple and affordable system to guide your groups through a city:
orget the traffic noise and don't worry if someone wanders too far.



Nubart Live helps you to be more inclusive:
The use of headphones on a smartphone during a tour offers a much better experience for people with hearing difficulties (no interference from background noise, volume adjustment).

See how Nubart Live works

How does the group guiding system Nubart Live works

Customers using Nubart Live

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Questions for the guide? No problem

Most standard tour guide systems (devices) don't allow guests to ask questions.

Others have a push-to-talk button that allows the guest to broadcast a question to the entire group. However, shy participants may be reluctant to interrupt the guide. And the more daring can take over the tour and ask endless questions, making the experience worse for everyone.

Nubart Live offers a non-invasive solution where questions are collected on the guide's smartphone and the guide can answer them at the appropriate time.


How to ask questions to the guide in Nubart Live


How guides receive questions in the Nubart Live Group Guidance System