How does Nubart Live work

How does Nubart Live works

No trouble

Advantages of Nubart Live vs other tour guiding systems

Traditional wireless radio guide devices for tours have to be sanitized constantly to prevent infections by Covid-19 and other viruses.

Batteries must be charged regularly, and radio signals often suffer from interference with other groups

Due to territorial limitations of radio frequencies, the same devices cannot be used in all countries.

And group guides often have to guard and carry a costly and heavy equipment that can be easily stolen.

Native apps are a digital alternative that spares this hassle.

However, they must be downloaded by all members of a group, they require a registration and they tend to have complex licensing models.

Being browser based, Nubart® Live works quickly and intuitively by simply scanning or entering the unique code of a non-transferable card. No downloads nor registrations required!

Our cards are printed on recycled PVC or compact cardboard.

Cost efficient

A wireless group guidance equipment for a tour can be quite expensive: you may have to pay a daily rental for each device.

With Nubart, you simply buy a number of cards and distribute them until you run out.

A traveller can reuse the same card during several days, so no daily rental fee will apply. This makes Nubart® Live very cost efficient, also for longer tours.

If you are a large organization with several guides and you need at least 3.000 units, you can get a customized card layout and combine it with our Audio Guide Visitors Keep, having Nubart Live and also a prerecorded multilingual audio guide on the same card.

Since the card is non-transferable, it has commercial value and can be sold!

Nubart Live is a cost efficient group guiding system

Request codes for testing

By filling in this form we will send you an email with instructions, a set of 12 "cards" printed on a PDF for testing purposes and a temporary access to our system.

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