Two guiding solutions in one

A campus tour is often the blind date of the admissions process.

Not every volunteer student guide has the skills to market the school effectively or to answer sensitive questions.

Most of your guides will not have the language-knowledge to cover the needs of the multicultural populations you would like to attract.

And there is not always a guide available.

Our Nubart campus-guiding-system allows you to solve all these problems:

Nubart offers a prerecorded audio and multimedia guide with geolocation for self guided visitors or when a guide is not available.

Nubart also offers a monitored live guiding system so that your visitors can keep social distancing when listening to the human guide from their own smartphone.

Multilingual prerecorded self-guided tour

Nubart is the audio guide your campus visitors keep. No devices nor apps required!

With Nubart you have a prerecorded audio guide that is available 24/7, that says exactly what you want to be said and that speaks in any of your visitors native language!

No more struggle to find a guide when a family visits the campus during the summer, weekends or other off hours.

And you can even have your most famous professors and alumni on tape to greet your visitors!

Since visitors will keep the audio guide and listen to it again later, you will provide them with a memorable guidance that will have a positive influence on enrollment decisions.

Our audio guide does not just consist of audio tracks, you can integrate any of our multimedia-elements.

See our multimedia elements

Our production team can take care of all professional translations and voice overs. We can even work on the script!

Ticket and audio guide in one: same card, two perceptions

A covid-proof system for human-guided groups

Ticket and audio guide in one: same card, two perceptions

You also have an amazing team of volunteer human guides. Nubart is also good for them!

By simply scanning the codes printed on the cards, your guide will automatically generate a one-way channel to transmit his/her explanations.

No need to download any app nor to carry extra devices!

The guide's smartphone acts as a transmitter and the visitor's smartphones as receivers.

Your guide can speak at a normal volume and still be heard by all group members, who can keep a covid-safe distance from the guide and from other visitors.

Get to know your college visitors

On campus tours are very important for recruitment and you need to be in control of them!

With Nubart's tour guide system, you can monitor in real time what your volunteer guides are explaining, from the confort of your desk!

But Nubart will also provide valuable data about your on-site visitors! Find out their country of origin, their native language, how long they stay at the venue, which tracks do they listen to…

Each of our guides includes a customized feedback form. Your visitors can evaluate your volunteer guide, and also let you know how you could improve their visiting experience. You can receive their feedback in real time via email!

Nubart is GDPR-compliant: see our Data Policy for Nubart's Audio guides.

Data collected by Nubart's audio guide and ticketing system