Step 1
Staff member logs in
and picks Nubart card.
Step 2
Staff member scans
the unique QR on the card
and fills in the details
Step 3
Staff member confirms payment
and gives the card to the visitor.
Step 4
Visitor scans
the unique code on the card
and enjoys the audio guide.

Saving costs and trouble

A point-of-sale (POS) ticketing system may be a relevant cost for smaller museums or cultural venues.

Setting-up, software updates, maintenance, data servers, hosting, customized designed tickets with thermal coating, thermal desktop printer, replacement of print heads... And often dedicated POS-hardware!

If you also want to offer an audio guide to your visitors, you will have to add the cost of the devices, their maintenance, repairs... And you may need extra personnel for the delivery and picking up.

But above all, offering the two services separately increases waiting time. Queues at the entrance are one of the main reasons for complaints from visitors in online review sites.

You can reduce costs and increase visitor satisfaction by offering a non-transferable audio-guide-access directly in the admission.

Two services in one

Instead of buying customized thermal-printed tickets, you can order our Nubart personalized audio guide cards and use them as tickets.

All the relevant information that you would otherwise print on the ticket, like category of visitor, time stamp and price, will be digitally registered and linked to the unique code of that card during the payment process. You just need a browser!

Once in the hands of the visitors, the same card will work as a private key that allows them an easy and quick access to the multilingual audio guide content directly from their smartphone.

Visitors can access the content as many times as they want. Since the cards are non-transferable, the audio guide cannot be used by somebody else.

This way the ticket-card becomes a nice collectible souvenir for the visitor, printed on eco-friendly ultra compact cardboard.

Ticket and audio guide in one: same card, two perceptions

Transactions and usage data

Nubart's cloud-based point-of-sale system process all payment transactions and updates online. No dedicated hardware nor pricy software required! You choose the device your cashiers will use (smartphone, tablet, PC).

We offer you an unlimited number of concurrent users and the ability to set up your own pricing.

Your transaction and sales history are securely stored in the cloud. You can access and download it anytime you want and for the periods you choose.

But since your visitors will also use the audio guide, these aren't going to be the only data you'll get!

You will receive an overview with highly valuable usage stats for your visitors evaluation. They include:

  • Home country of the visitor
  • Visitor’s native language
  • Visitors per day
  • Visitors by time-of-day
  • How long do visitors stay at the museum/exhibition
  • Ranking of most listened to tracks

Nubart is GDPR-compliant: see our Data Policy for Nubart's Audio guides.

Data collected by Nubart's audio guide and ticketing system

Affordable and flexible

With Nubart's ticketing and audioguide in one, you will have no hidden fees.

No annual maintenance, no costly software upgrades, no support nor licensing fees.

All those services will be included in the price of our cards. It can not be easier!

Is the step towards a new ticketing system with Nubart too scary for you?

We understand that. After all, you don't know us yet!

Just start with our plain audio guide cards first! We can still adapt them to our ticketing system later on. We have very attractive starter-packages waiting for you!

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