Why choose Nubart over other audio guiding solutions?

There are many reasons to choose Nubart and not all of its advantages are listed in this table. But we hope this summary will be useful in your decision making!






Expensive devices & costly logistics. Expensive development of stand-alone apps. Requires maintenance and update fees. Not expensive, but requires maintenance fees. Affordable, one-time payment, no maintenance fees. Nubart also offers revenue share options with no upfront costs to larger venues.


Yes, since devices can be rented. Rarely. Most museum-apps have to be free, since there is little willingness to pay for them. Appstores charge a significant commission on paid apps. No. Access to the PWA is offered free of charge. Very difficult monetisation. Yes. Being non-transferable, Nubart's cards have commercial value and can be sold.


Complex: devices must be sanitized, charged, repaired, protected, collected, safely stored... Native apps require constant updates to remain in the two main app-stores for Android and iOS. Easy logistics. Easy logistics: the same person that sells the ticket can hand out the card.


Low: 5-10 % if the device is rented and rarely more than 30 % if included in the admission. Very low: 2-7 %. Very low: 3-10 %. High: 10-15 % if the card is sold and between 45 and 85 % if the card is included in the admission!


Audioguide devices operate independently of the Internet. Most audio guide apps do not stream the files, so once downloaded they can be used without the internet. The technical complexity of a full offline mode with a PWA is so high that the audio guide PWAs available on the market only work with streaming. With Nubart's innovative offline mode, users can access the full audio guide at any time, even without network coverage, just like with a native app.


Only modern devices provide data. Country of origin can not be known. Most apps don't provide data, since this requires a costly backend. If they do, the data is not limited to real on-site visits. Unprotected access yields unreliable data, not even limited to real on-site visits. Since each card has a unique code, Nubart's provides very reliable data, limited to real on-site visits.


Most traditional devices don't include a feedback form. Most apps don't include a feedback form, since this requires a costly backend. Most PWAs don't include a feedback form, since this requires a costly backend. Not possible to prevent a visitor from responding many times to the form. Yes. Customers can choose the questions. Very reliable results.