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Browser-Based Audio Guide Solutions

Market leader in monetizable and innovative Web-Apps and PWAs for audio guiding

Nubart - Monetizable and Innovative Web-Apps and PWAs for Audio Guiding from the Market Leader

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Nubart - Monetizable and Innovative Web-Apps and PWAs for Audio Guiding from the Market Leader

Considering an Audio Guide PWA for your museum?

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Since 2016, we at Nubart have been pioneering browser-based audio tours.
We're eliminating the need for apps or devices in museums and other tourist sites around the world.

  • We provide superior technology with zero downtime.
  • We offer the most amazing GDPR compliant visitor insights.
  • We offer the most elegant way to monetize your guide.
  • We offer a professional and fast content production for your audio guides.
  • We use our proprietary CMS to build your guide, so that you don't have to. And our team is always there for you if you need changes.

Whatever is technically possible in a web application, Nubart can do it.

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Products and Services

Nubart Guide

The Audio Guide Visitors Keep

Discover our innovative digital audio guide web-app accessible through non-transferable QR codes.
Commercial value. High takeup-rate. Intuitive wayfinding and visitor feedback survey.

Content production

Beyond the delivery system: Experience our fast and expert creation of audio guide content.

Multimedia Elements

High range of multimedia features including sliders, upload buttons, 3D objects, panoramic images, and more.

Visitor insights

Our guide collects anonymous and aggregated visitor data to deliver real-time insights. No third-party cookies!

Nubart Live - A group management system that works without apps and without devices
Nubart Live

Tour guide system for groups

Turn your smartphone into an affordable and intuitive tour guide system

Nubart - Gamification with geolocated widget and quizz for your museum's audio guide
Nubart Game

Gamify your audio guide

Enhance your Nubart Guide with interactive geolocated widgets or quizzes.

Add multilingual synchronized audio to your public videos via a QR code.
Nubart Sync

On-site videos synced with streamed audios

Add multiple languages or audio descriptions to your videos in perfect lip-sync via QR.

What people say about Nubart's audio guides

User reviews

Palazzo Pepoli

Bologna, Italy

Wouldn’t be able to do the exhibition without the audio guide! Thankful for the other language guides so I could understand the history as a non Italian.


Vienna, Austria

Exhibition Roy Lichtenstein

The format of the audio guide is ideal: mobile phone, own headphones, simple user guidance. Very well done, please use it for all exhibitions! My compliments!



Thanks for the great app! My family listened to the tapes again in the car while we were traveling - very interesting and well presented information.

National Museum of Slovenia

Ljublana, Slovenia

I really like that the audio tour is complementary and available through my own audio device. The inclusion of the visuals and the audio description is also very helpful. Lastly, I like that the descriptions are broken up into different sections based on topic. Everything seems very well thought out.


Blaubeuren, Germany

The audio guide is just great. Never before has a guide made me so enthusiastic and laugh so much. Really great. Also the interactive possibilities (for children) are great.

Danish Castle Center

Vordingbord, Denmark

I saw the exhibition at Vordingborg Borgcenter one month ago, and have only now heard the podcast. Which could be scanned onto the card I brought home. Super exciting, thank you very much.

Check Nubart's use cases

Use Cases


Enhance your museum visit with our easy-to-use no-transferable QR audio tour cards. Skip the hassle of devices and apps. High takeup-rate.

On-site Campus Tours

Convert more prospects during campus visits with our digital audio guide system with interactive maps and navigation

Factory and plant tours

Guide visitors through noisy factory environments cost-effectively using our digital tour guide system.

Boat cruises and bus tours

Offer automated geolocalized audio guides for passengers during scenic boat and bus tours.

Navigation and gamification for zoos and aquariums
Zoos and Aquariums

Provide digital wayfinding and gamification experiences in zoos and aquariums with monetizable audio guides.

Navigation and gamification for zoos and aquariums
Observation decks, rooftops and viewpoints

Enhance rooftop attractions with interactive 360° views for an elevated guest experience.