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Digital audio guide and tour guide system

No devices or apps. Only a monetizable card

A Nubart audio guide system to go

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Nubart Guide

The audio guide you can keep

Nubart Live

Tour guide system for groups

Nubart Game

Gamify your multimedia audio guide

Nubart Sync

Pair videos with streamed audios

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Use Cases

Museums in general

Provide a hygienic audio tour for your museum without the hassle of audio guide equipment and with a much higher takeup rate than an app.

On-site campus tour guide

Convert more prospects into enrollments during in-person visits and monitor the message of your guides with our comprehensive guidance system.

Factory and plant tours

Guide your visitors through your factory floor very cost-effectively: our digital, browser-based tour guide system is ideal for factory tours in noisy environments.

Boat cruises and bus tours

With geolocalized or remote-controlled audio guides on autoplay, passengers will know automatically which is the right track to listen to when approaching a point of interest.

Navigation and gamification for zoos and aquariums
Zoos and Aquariums

Offer digital navigation and gamification in your zoo or aquarium with an audio guide card that you can monetize.

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