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Digital audio guide and tour guide system

No devices or apps. Only a monetizable card

A Nubart audio guide system to go

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Audio Guides

Get revenue and usage data by offering multimedia audio guide cards to your visitors. Easy to use, high takeup-rate.

Nubart Live - Tour guide system for groups

Allow your docent guided-tour participants to keep a safe distance or to listen to you through the noise. Just a QR-code on a card to be scanned: no dedicated devices nor apps to download.

Nubart Sync - On site videos synced with streamed audios

Enhance your on-site videos with perfectly synchronized soundtracks in several languages.

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Use Cases

Museums in general

Provide a hygienic audio tour for your museum without the hassle of audio guide equipment and with a much higher takeup rate than an app.

On-site campus tour guide

Convert more prospects into enrollments during in-person visits and monitor the message of your guides with our comprehensive COVID-proof guidance system.

Heritage museums

Use our interactive audio guide to enrich your museum's collection thanks to our upload button for documents and our voice-messaging tool for oral testimonials

Factory and plant tours

Guide your visitors through your factory floor very cost-effectively: our digital, browser-based tour guide system is ideal for factory tours in noisy environments.

Boat cruises and bus tours

With geolocalized or remote-controlled audio guides on autoplay, passengers will know automatically which is the right track to listen to when approaching a point of interest.

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