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The power of a card

A digital multimedia audio guide system that is also profitable.
For museums and other attractions

A Nubart audioguide card to go

No devices, no apps and no logins required

Nubart® is a card that acts as a unique key to access a web-app with multimedia content from a smartphone.

The cards are non-transferable: they can be sold and generate revenue.

But they are also reusable: owners can keep their cards and use them again later.

A perfectly hygienic solution to provide audio guides, multimedia guides, tour guide systems and other advanced features to museums, attractions and events, without the logistic hassle of traditional museum audio tour equipment.

Our cards are printed on recycled PVC, bio-PVC or ultra-compact cardboard and are are 100% CO2 neutral.

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Audio Guide Card

Get revenue and usage data by offering multimedia audio guide cards to your visitors. Easy to use, high takeup-rate.

Tour Guide System

Allow your guided-tour participants to keep a safe distance without bluetooth nor wireless devices. Group members just have to scan our card, no apps to download.

Audio-Video Synchronisation

Enhance your on-site videos with synchronized soundtracks in several languages. Brightsign compatible. Visitors access the synced soundtracks directly on their smartphone.

Use Cases

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Museums in general

Provide a hygienic audio tour for your museum without the hassle of audio guide equipment and with a much higher takeup rate than an app.

On-site campus tour guide

Convert more prospects into enrollments during in-person visits and monitor the message of your guides with our comprehensive COVID-proof guidance system.

Heritage museums

Use our interactive audio guide to enrich your museum's collection thanks to our upload button for documents and our voice-messaging tool for oral testimonials

Boat cruises and bus tours

With our geolocated audio guides, passengers will know automatically which is the right track to listen to when approaching a location.