QR to access a PWA audio guide in a museum - Nubart
Guide to implement a PWA as an Audioguide in a museum

Thinking of implementing a web application as an audio guide for your museum? Here is a comprehensive guide with all you need to know: CMS, business models, and more.

Nubart - Las audioguías digitales de Nubart son accesibles
Nubart's audio guides are accessible

Accessibility is a growing concern in museums. With Nubart audio guides you can meet all requirements.

Museum Port Tsuruga
The truth about AI voices for audio guides - how good are they really?

AI voices present fresh opportunities for creating audio guides and can result in significant cost savings... but what about time? Explore with us the positives, negatives, and challenges.

How to collect data about museum's visitors - Nubart's blog
Digital audio guides as a way to collect visitor data

Analyzing a museum's audience requires statistical data on visitors. A digital audio guide can provide this information in a non-intrusive way.

Museum Port Tsuruga
Port Tsuruga - when museums become places of connection

The city of Tsuruga, in Japan, sheltered Jewish refugees during WWII. The voice actor Gali Sadeh felt a personal connection when recording our audio guide for the Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum.

Benutzerfreundlicher Aufbau von Audioguides
User-friendly structure of audio guides

Optimal structure and user-friendliness for your digital audio guides: tips on design and organization

How to create an audio guide for children

Audio guides for children have very specific requirements. Here are some tips to make their museum visit a memorable experience.

Audio guides sold as postcards in the museum shop?

Generate extra income in your museum shop and promote your collection around the world with our innovative audio guide postcard.

How to write a script for a museum audio guide

Creating a script for a museum audio tour? Discover expert tips for crafting engaging texts tailored for audio guides or apps, enhancing the visitor experience.