Køge Museum i Danmark audioguide kort
Køge Museum in Denmark audio guide card
Køge Museum in Denmark
© Leif Jørgensen, CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia

Project information

  • Customer: Køge Museum (Denmark)
  • Product: Audio guide, Nubart Sync
  • Content production by Nubart: No
  • Year of launch: 2022
  • Project status: Active

Køge Museum's audio guide card

Køge Museum is housed in a building from the 17th century. The museum houses an exhibition about the Battle of Køge Bay in 1710. There is also a historical exhibition focusing on a burial ground from the hunter's stone age, Viking architecture and the development of bridal wear.

Nubart provided the digital technology for this audio guide, which includes an innovative exhibit recognition system through a swipe-pad. The audio guide for the Køge Museum also offers sophisticated technological innovations, such as Nubart Sync, a system that allows the pairing of sound tracks with an on-site played video in perfect synchronisation, using only the Internet.