Project information

  • Customer: Antikenmuseum (Basel)
  • Product: Audio guide
  • Content production by Nubart: No
  • Year of launch: 2021
  • Project status: Active

Nubart Guide audio card for the Museum of Antiquities (Basel)

Antikenmuseum's audio guide card

The Antikenmuseum Basel is the only Swiss museum dedicated exclusively to the ancient art and culture of the Mediterranean region. Its permanent collection contains ancient art mainly from the Egyptian, Greek, Italic, Etruscan and Roman cultures. The museum presents outstanding special exhibitions throughout the year, such as the successful "About harmony and ecstasy. Music in the ancient civilizations" and "Ave Caesar!".

Nubart's audio guide card delivers information on the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions in three languages (German, English and French). The audio guide content is provided by the customer.

The audio guide has a modular structure and is offered in offline mode to avoid connectivity problems in areas of the museum without coverage.