Project information

  • Customer: Tsuruga Port of Humanity Museum
  • Product: Audio guide
  • Content production by Nubart: Yes
  • Year of launch: 2024
  • Project status: Active

Tsuruga Port of Humanity Museum's audio guide card

The Port of Humanity Tsuruga Museum, situated within Kanegasaki Park in Tsuruga, Fukui, Japan, commemorates the historical significance of Tsuruga Port, particularly its role in providing sanctuary for Jewish refugees during World War II. At the heart of its exhibits is the narrative of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat stationed in Lithuania, who defied orders from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue transit visas, thereby saving numerous Jewish lives.

The museum delves into Tsuruga Port's history as a vital link between Japan and Asia, particularly during the Meiji and early Showa periods. It emphasizes its role as a departure point to Vladivostok via the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Through firsthand accounts and anecdotes from Tsuruga residents, the museum showcases support for Jewish refugees during World War II, highlighting values of compassion, solidarity, and peace.

The audio guide has been produced by Nubart in a modular system with audio content in Hebrew based on a script provided by the museum.