What can be included in Nubart

The flexibility of the Nubart multimedia audio guides allows for the integration of audio along with text, images, videos, files, links and many more. All those elements can be integrated in any desired order.

Please scroll through out list of multimedia elements. Imagine how complete your audioguide could be with all of them!

Modular System

Perhaps your venue has several exhibitions at the same time. Or your city tour should include an extra audio guide for restaurants.

To make this possible, we offer a modular system, so that the same Nubart card can include several guides. You can also incorporate our networking tool as a separate module.

Within each module you can incorporate any of the elements listed below:

Nubart's modular system

Tagged audio guide

Let your users choose what really interests them!

Our tagging system allows you to limit the displayed content to the user's wishes.

This is very useful at trade shows, but also for very rich audio guides with a lot of content. It's perfect combined with our geolocation feature.

If they change their mind, users can select a new list of interests at any time. The number of tags is unlimited.

Nubart's tagging system

Audio tracks

At Nubart we use an in-house audio-player that works well with any browser.

Our default player is large, suitable for people with poor eyesight. When activated (touched), a blue border appears around the track being played for easy recognition.
Audio tracks are generally recognized by picture, number and/or name of the artwork or point of interest (not necessarily all of them).

Nubart's audio track player


You can choose small thumbnails or larger images associated with the point of interest. The large ones keep their original proportion and their function is mainly aesthetic. The small ones (thumbnails) are always square and help the visitor to quickly identify the audio guided object.

You can send your images in any size, since our CMS will adapt them automatically. Large-sized images can have the function “Tweet About This Item”.

Nubart's images

Before / after images

Has your venue changed over time? Do you want to show the progress of an archaeological excavation? Do you want to show a painting before and after a restoration?

With our function before / after, of great educational value, the visitor can slide a central bar with his finger to see the change.

Nubart's before/after tool

Image slider

You can put up to 15 images in this image carousel! This can come in vary handy if you want to illustrate an audio track that refers to several exhibits. The slideshow rotates automatically, but the user can stop it anytime or move to the desired image.

Nubart's image slider feature

Panoramic 360° images

Those images are immersive and allow the visitor to "move inside" a 360° panoramic representation of your venue.

On many smartphones the image will move automatically, generating a nice wow-effect. On others the user can move the image with the touchscreen.

Nubart's panoramic images feature


We can integrate videos that are on a public server like Vimeo or Youtube.

But you can also send us exclusive video-files to be loaded in our private server. Those would be only available in the audio guide; they are not accessible publicly and can not be shared.

Nubart's videos

Video and audio live streaming

Are you organising a conference and you would like to broadcast the keynote live?

That's no problem with our live-streaming-feature. We can stream several speeches at the same time.

We can also offer live streaming for audio with practically no latency.

Nubart's video and audio streaming

Info button

Sometimes a little additional information can be very helpful. That's why we've created our information button.

The pop-up window disappears automatically by touching the screen.

Nubart's videos


With the optional “Tweet About This Item” function a visitor can quickly and easily share specific information about specific exhibits from her personal TW-account.

At Nubart we generate a pre-configured Tweet in all languages that the visitor can change, but that already includes all tags and hashtags. Once the Tweet has been published, the related image will be seen.

Nubart's integrated twitter feature


Maps are a must for city-tours. They are also useful to direct the visitor towards landmarks or buildings outside the exhibition.

We integrate interactive Google maps with visitor's location.

Nubart's maps feature


Our geolocated audio tracks light up in red and scroll automatically to the top of your mobile screen as you approach the exhibit or location. In Android, this process is enhanced by a slight vibration of the mobile phone.

In this way, your visitor always knows which track she is supposed to listen to next. They do not play automatically to enable a non-intrusive functionality.

Our geolocation always works in combination with our maps.

See a video demo
Nubart's geolocation feature

On site PDF reader

The audio guide can include one or more PDFs to be read directly on site: general information about the museum, legal attributions or papers by the curator or artist about a specific exhibition.

Our online PDF reader also allows downloading.

This feature even allows your audio guide to replace the catalog. Because the digital content can remain available even after the exhibit, cards for past exhibitions can be sold in the museum shop.

Nubart's geolocation feature

Donation button

Our audioguides can help our customers' revenue through the resale of the non-transferable cards, but also through a donation button integrated on its digital content.

Just create a donation button from your own Paypal account or another similar service and send us the generated code.

Nubart's donation button

Subscription forms

Would you like to ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or to include any other form requesting personal data in your guide?

At Nubart we follow a strict policy regarding personal information, but we can embed your own subscription form as long as it is GDPR-compliant. In this way this private data remains only with you!

Of course, we can also embed other materials you may have: 3D images of your venue, interactive screens...

Nubart's geolocation feature

We will gladly arrange those elements for you.

For an extra fee you can have access to our system, use all these elements easily yourself and keep them permanently updated.

If you are a large venue with several temporary exhibitions, you may consider to license a clone of our in-house CMS to produce and maintain several audioguides and to run them under your own domain.