What we need to produce your audio-guide

Nubart's goal is to reduce your workload as much as possible. Just send us the following basics and we will take care of all the rest! This includes formatting and converting audio, image or video-files.

Please click on each "+" to know more!

1) Card Design

We offer the design of the card as part of our services.
Of course, you can also have your own graphic team to work on it. If so, please request our instructions for designers!

You can send us one or more images for this purpose. We will combine them with your logo to design the card.
Please send them as JPG or PNG and in high resolution.
Of course, we will ask for your approval before ordering the print.
Nubart audio-guide card
The logo of your museum will appear in the design of the card, in the digital content and in the PDF with the audio guide's credits.
Please send it as SVG or as PNG with transparent background.
Our alphanumeric codes are different on each card. We integrate them as an alternative to the QR codes because not all visitors are familiar with using QRs.
You can use the domain of your museum or our own nub.art (see picture):
URL examples for alphanumeric codes on Nubart audio-guide cards
It is important to make this decision soon, as the URL is part of the design of the card.
If you prefer to use your own website for branding reasons, you may want to create a sub-domain, such as in www.mymuseum.com/guide.
The URL has to be short! Please keep in mind that the visitor will have to type it completely and without mistakes on the keyboard of his smartphone, so to ensure a good usability of the cards we will not accept long URLs.
If the domain of your museum is very long, we recommend acquiring a short domain and redirecting it. We can provide that service to you for a small surcharge.

2) Script of the audio-guide

If you already provide us with fully produced audio tracks, or if you have ordered the script from us separately, this is not necessary.

Tips for Writing an Audioguide Script

3) Materials for the setup of your multimedia guide

List of the multimedia elements you can include in your guide
The pictures help the visitor to quickly identify the exhibits or POIs represented in the audio guide.
We only need pictures of the audio-guided exhibits. Please send us the pictures as JPG or PNG and with a minimum width of 700 px, nothing else! We will take care of cropping, resizing and adapting them for your audio guide.
You can decide if you prefer the pictures as thumbnails, in large format or as an image slider (up to 15 images).
Please let us know if an image has license restrictions so that we can look for an alternative solution.
If you would like to include one or more videos in the audio-guide, please send us the link to Vimeo or Youtube.
If you prefer it to be a restricted video that can only be watch in the audioguide, please send us the file in WMV, MOV or MP4.
Remember: our offline mode does not allow the incorporation of videos!
Your audio-guide can also offer PDFs to be downloaded or to be read in an on site PDF-reader. This allows you to provide additional written information about your museum or exhibition.
Since those PDFs should be downloaded or streamed on a mobile phone, please try to keep the size of the file down.

4) Information

At the end of the audio-guide, Nubart integrates a short feedback form to collect the opinion and comments of your visitors.
Two of the questions are included by default: the rating of the show from 1 to 5 and a free comment field.
You can choose the remaining three questions from this list:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Is this your first visit?
  • Country
  • Postal Code
  • Did the audio-guide contribute to a better understanding of the exhibition?
  • What other topics could be addressed in the audio-guide?
  • Would you recommend this audio-guide?
  • Where did you buy this audio-guide?
If none of these options suits your interests, let us know and we will try to include your proposal.
Optionally we can send your visitors' comments in real time to a provided e-mail address.
At the end of the audio-guide we will insert a downloadable PDF file with all the credits, including the names of the voice over artists and translators. Please provide us with the data we should include (e.g. copyright for images).