Tour guide system for factory tours

Internet-based audio solution for plant visits

Nubart's Internet-based tour guide system for plant, facility and factory tours

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Factory tours without expensive radio-guides

Factory tours are a common event in plants, but the noisy environment can often hinder effective communication. To overcome ambient noise and maintain everyone's attention during facility tours, a wireless tour guide system becomes essential.

Traditionally, dedicated tour guide devices have been the go-to solution, but they come with a hefty price tag and require extensive maintenance, whether purchased or rented.

Introducing Nubart Live - the hassle-free solution for factory tours. With just our cards, an internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data), and your visitors' smartphones, conducting factory tours has never been easier. Our system operates entirely through a browser, eliminating the need for visitors to download an app. The connection between the transmitter (guide) and receiver (audience) is effortlessly established by scanning the QR codes on the Nubart-cards!

Affordable and easy

Why use wireless audio guide systems when everyone has a smartphone?


Don't waste money on expensive tour guide equipment or "whispers" if your factory doesn't receive regular visitors. Nubart Live offers a comprehensive factory tour guide system at an affordable cost, tailored to meet your needs. Check our prices.

Easy to use

Nubart Live offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Simply open it in your mobile browser using the provided QR code – no app download required. Only the guide needs to log in to our system; visitors can seamlessly join without any additional steps.

With click-to-ask option

Despite the ambient noise in your plant, your visitors will be able to ask questions in real time without shouting or interrupting the guide.

See how it works Nubart Live: Group guidance system for guided tours in factories or plants.


Upgrade to our Medium or Professional packages to customize your factory tour with a corporate design and multimedia presentation. With the card in hand, visitors gain access to the specific corporate information you choose, while our statistical dashboard empowers you to monitor its usage.


With our cards printed on FSC-certified cardboard, you will also contribute to reducing your environmental impact by avoiding electronic waste from dedicated tour guide devices.

See how Nubart Live works

How does the group guiding system Nubart Live works

Plant tours without a tour guide system rental

Goodbye to costly whisper devices

Say goodbye to the drawbacks of conventional tour headset systems. Bulky and complicated logistics, sanitation requirements, limited range, and country-specific radio frequencies are now a thing of the past. These dedicated devices are not only environmentally unfriendly but also quickly become outdated.

Embrace Nubart Live's digital tour guide system for a simple, socially-distanced experience without any maintenance or channel interferences. Our system utilizes the internet, with the guide's smartphone serving as the transmitter and your audience's smartphones as the receivers. The provided cards act as the key to establish this seamless connection.

For optimal results in reducing ambient sounds, you have the option to use the smartphone's built-in microphone or enhance the audio quality with a unidirectional shotgun or lapel microphone.

The best part? No app is required, making Nubart Live accessible worldwide with a user-friendly interface and without unnecessary complicated features. Enjoy a hassle-free tour experience like never before.

Nubart Live is a very easy-to-use tour guide system for factories.

Browser-based factory tour, incredibly easy to use

Nubart Live es un sencillo sistema de guiado de visitantes para tours de fábricas

Nubart Live's technology is entirely browser-based, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Your plant guide simply needs to log into Nubart's customer area, while your visitors can easily scan the QR code printed on their cards. (Scanning QR codes has become second nature to smartphone owners, with 95 percent of them being familiar with the process, especially due to the Covid pandemic). The factory guide also scans quickly all the QR codes of the group using our integrated QR code scanner, whether on-site or in advance.

With our use of individual QR codes, all guests remain anonymous. Your guiding employee will not have access to their email addresses or cell phone numbers, which is particularly relevant for VIP tours.

Nubart's cards are reusable but not transferable. You only pay for the cards you've ordered, without the need to navigate complex licensing models typically associated with tour guiding apps.

Crafted from high-quality cardboard, these cards have an extended lifespan and occupy minimal space. They can be ordered with Nubart branding or fully personalized. Additionally, they can serve as a platform to provide other relevant content for your business, such as price lists, presentations, videos, or images.

Ask the guide? No problem

In a noisy environment, visitors need to be able to ask questions without shouting. Most traditional radio guides do not allow questions to be asked. Or, if they do, they occur in real time and interrupt the guide. Many visitors don't dare to do so and remain silent.

Nubart Live offers a non-invasive solution where questions collect on the guide's smartphone so that the guide can answer them at the appropriate time.


How to ask questions to the guide in the Nubart Live factory tour guide system


How guides receive questions in the Nubart Live factory tour guide System

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