Frequently Asked Questions


The unique codes printed on our cards work like a key which provides exclusive access to all the digital content to its owner.
To access the content, visitors scan the QR code or (if not familiar with QR codes) enter a code on our splash page.
Nubart has developed a unique combination of transactional cookies + opt-in system called LWAC(int. pat. pending) to provide non-transferable access to digital content.
Thanks to LWAC, the owners of the card can access the audio-guide as often as they want, from a smartphone, from anoother device, or from a PC -- even months or years later. But the card cannot be used by anybody else.
This way we ensure that the audio cards have commercial viability and we guarantee the high quality of the anonymous data we collect from your visitors.
Nubart audio-guides being accessed through QR code

Our audio-guide tracks are streamed, so only the tracks clicked by the visitor consume data (unlike most apps that force you to download all the content at once). The data consumed by those tracks is 0.46 MB per minute: 1/5 that of music services like Spotify.
Given this low data usage, if the overall mobile data coverage is good, we don’t consider it essential to provide free Wifi to offer our audio-guides.
However, we have developed an offline mode for when connectivity becomes an issue. This mode can preload all the sound tracks to the temporary memory (RAM) of your device. Once all are preloaded, your visitors can listen to them in areas without coverage. All this without downloading any app!
Yes, we can create a theme for your company in which you can decide the colors, the font, the type of player, the spaces between elements, add a frame to the images...
This custom layout is subject to an extra charge.
At Nubart we care about the environment! We offer three options of environmentally friendly cards:
  • Recycled PVC.
  • Bio-PVC.
  • Cards made from high-strength special cardboard, FSC certified.
Depending on the country, some of these materials may imply an increase in the price. Contact us!
Yes, they are!
The QR-code con the cards is printed with a slight relief, so that visually impaired people can detect its presence and its location with the fingertips and capture it with the QR-scanner on their smartphones.
Our in-house CMS has been developed in universal design and is inclusive.
Check out more details on our blog:
Nubart's audio-guides are accessible

Audio Guides

Our goal is to make things easy for you.
Basically we just need a script, pics and a few pieces of information. We will take care of everything else, keep you informed about the process and seek your approval in the different stages.
See here what Nubart needs to produce your audio-guide
Museums have flexibility to choose any model of distributing Nubart cards to their visitors.
For example:
  • Give away for free as a promotion to bring more visitors (ex. on certain days).
  • Give away for free as part of a sponsorship partnership.
  • Give away for free as part of the admission fee.
  • Include the audio guide in the ticket with our ticket and audio guide in one.
  • Sell the guides at a price which covers costs/investment.
  • Sell the guides at a profit.

Remember, the more the cards are used, the greater the amount of data and feedback from visitors about the museum's collection or exhibits is gathered.
Our most common model for you is to purchase the cards as if they were a product, but with almost all of our digital features included. New orders can be placed at any time. Our minimum order is 3,000 units.
For those who have many visitors and wish to include the audio guide card in the admission fee, we can offer a flat rate contract.
And for museums and other venues with more than 100,000 annual visitors and who wish to sell the card as an extra item, we can consider a revenue-share agreement.
Nowadays most people carry their own headphones. Even if this is not the case, visitors can turn down the volume, and instead of holding the smartphone like when receiving a phone call, they can hold the bottom speaker on the ear. Since audio guides have short tracks that are heard separately and not continuously like an audiobook or music, this is not a big issue. We have several customers that do not offer any kind of headphones.
But if you think that headphones are a must in your venue, we can gladly provide them, and also customize the packaging with your logo, as you see in this image. Ask us for a quote!

Nubart's headphones custumized with logo
Currently our system supports the following languages:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Catalan
  • Basque
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Finish
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • Hungarian
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Luxembourgian
  • Bulgarian
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Japanese
  • Thai
However, if you are interested in incorporating a language that is not part of this list, we can add it up.

Ticket and audioguide in one

Yes. The receipt will be generated in the background and will be sent directly to your thermal ticket printer.
On your desktop you will have a calculator to enter several visitors at once, whithout loosing time by having to scan each card separately. Those values will be saved separately in the CSV for your accountancy. When this operation is carried out, the same number of shortcuts will be assigned to the card. The card will contain as many direct accesses to the audio guide as members in the group. At the smartphone's screen your visitors will see a user counter for the audio guide: "9 users left", "8 users left", etc.
A list of products can be managed in your customer area. Your desktop interface will have a products-button where you can choose the product you wish when issuing a ticket. If no admission is required, you will be able to print only the receipt instead of delivering an audio guide card. This input will be incorporated to the CSV-file for your accountancy.
Yes. Each QR-code is unique and can provide a controlled access on a turnstile, as you know from most airports. The software on the turnstile can communicate with our system via API and indentify that code as belonging to a legitimate paying visitor. To prevent forgery, such as photocopying the card code to gain free entry, our system can identify whether the same code has been used before and under what circumstances.
Nubart's option for ticket and audioguide in one provides controlled access

Networking and Matching Tool for Events

Our tool is suitable for any situation that meets these conditions:
  • There is a spatial and temporal limit.
  • There are at least 200 attendees.
  • Attendees do not know each other.
  • Attendees would like to meet others based on certain overlapping interests.
Nubart's networking tool is ideal for music festivals, cruises, organized trips, weddings, big parties, sports events, conferences, congresses...
In general, we only need your logo and the pic to prepare the design. We also have to agree on the topics that should appear in the list of interests.
You have flexibility to choose any model of distributing Nubart cards to your attendees.
For example:
  • Give it away for free as part of the ticket or admission fee (recommended).
  • Include the networking feature as an additiona module on Nubart's trade-show cards.
  • Sell the cards at a price which covers costs/investment.
  • Sell the cards at a profit.
Remember, the more the cards are used, the greater the amount of attendees will be seen.
At Nubart we take personal data very seriously. We will never share with third parties -not even with our client, the organizer of the event- the personal data collected on our platform, unless we are legally bound to do so. We will never use your email address to send you commercial communications from us or from third parties.