About Nubart’s content production

General information

At Nubart we have developed a streamlined and well-proven method to produce high quality content for our audio guides.

Interesting for you to know:

  • It's perfectly fine if you already have content produced: you can use it for your Nubart audio guide as long as it meets some elementary quality criteria.
  • Nubart will only produce content if it is to be incorporated into its delivery system.
  • Nubart only works with native human professionals. No automatic translation, no artificial voices, no TTS (text to speech) !
  • The content that Nubart produces for you will belong to you. No licensing fees!

Our service levels

At Nubart we always produce professional quality content.

We offer three levels of service depending on urgency, complexity and budget: BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.

BRONZE is our lowest-priced level with fastest production.

SILVER is our most popular package offering turnkey content and greater options.

GOLD is our premium package offering full customization and maximum production value.