Nubart Zoo

Zoo media guide with audio and interactive maps

Nubart Zoo is a media zoo guide that can be monetised, no app dowload required

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A zoo app you can sell

The average download rate of a conventional mobile zoo app is only 3,57 % of your visitors. Is this expensive development worth it, considering that you will never get any return on this investment?

With Nubart's zoo guide, you can educate your visitors about your animals and earn some extra income at the same time.

By scanning the unique QR code on our cards, visitors access an interactive map and a multimedia zoo audio guide. There is no need to download any application or register, which translates into a high usage rate. Since our zoo-cards are non-transferable, they have commercial value and can be sold.

Our AR and Q&A gamification feature will motivate your public to go to the zoo store to pick up their prize.

Nubart's team has extensive experience in the production of multilingual content for audio guides. We also take care of the digital setup and all the updates you require.

Afraid of costs? Don't be: most zoos are suitable for our revenue share programs.

In two months you can have your Nubart Digital Zoo cards ready for distribution. Request complimentary samples!


The Nubart Zoo Card code is non-transferable and can be sold. Recover your costs and get ROI. Discover our business models with no upfront costs.

High take-up rate

Nubart easily achieves a TUR of 15% when sold, 45-85 % when icluded in the admission.


Ask your visitors anything you want! All our audio guides contain a short survey strategically placed at the end.


Find out which country your visitors come from, among many others. Our audio guides collect data anonymously, without ever violating the privacy of your visitors.


Nubart Zoo offers you plenty of multimedia elements to enrich your zoo guide.


With our interactive maps no visitor will miss the lions, the pinguins or the restaurant.


Do you want to know which are the most traveled parts of your zoo? Get heat-maps with our geotracking feature.

Game with AR

Let the kids hunt clouds and answer questions at your zoo. The unique code on the card serves as a voucher for the winners. You decide the prize.

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Business Models


Nubart as a product: you simply purchase a number of customized cards and optionally you commission Nubart to produce content. The cards are valid indefinitely and you can distribute them until they run out. No recurring fees!

Revenue share

The traceability of our cards allows us to know exactly how many cards have been used and to invoice you every few months. Cards will be regularly supplied and content production can be rolled in.
The perfect option for large venues.


One ouf our projects for Nubart Zoo

Nubart's audio guide for Sea Life Arizona

SEA LIFE Aquarium - Tempe, AZ

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