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Frequently Asked Questions

The unique codes printed on our cards work like a key which provides the owner exclusive access to all the digital content.
To access the content, the visitor scans the QR code or (if he/she is not familiar with how to use QR codes) enters a code on the venue's website.
Nubart has developed a unique combination of transactional cookies + opt-in system called LOCP to provide non-transferable access to digital content.
The owner of the card can access the networking-tool from her smartphone as often as she wants. But the card cannot be used by anybody else. This way the data of your matches remain safe. Even if you lose the card, nobody else will be able to access it.
Our tool is suitable for any situation that meets these conditions:
  • There is a spatial and temporal limit.
  • There are at least 200 attendees.
  • Attendees do not know each other.
  • Attendees would like to meet others based on certain overlapping interests.
Nubart's networking tool is ideal for music festivals, cruises, organized trips, weddings, big parties, sports events, conferences, congresses...
In general, we only need your logo and the pic to prepare the design. We also have to agree on the topics that should appear in the list of interests.
You have flexibility to choose any model of distributing Nubart cards to your attendees.
For example:
  • Give it away for free as part of the ticket or admission fee (recommended).
  • Include the networking feature as a module more on Nubart's trade-show cards.
  • Sell the cards at a price which covers costs/investment.
  • Sell the cards at a profit.
Remember, the more the cards are used, the greater the amount of attendees will be seen.
At Nubart we care about the environment! We offer three options of environmentally friendly cards:
  • Recycled PVC.
  • Bio-PVC: these cards contain an additive called Add-X Biotech which makes them biodegradable after a few years.
  • Cards made from high-strength special cardboard, FSC certified.
Depending on the country, some of these materials may imply an increase in the price. Contact us!
At Nubart we take personal data very seriously. We will never share with third parties -not even with our client, the organizer of the event- the personal data collected on our platform, unless we are legally bound to do so. We will never use your email address to send you commercial communications from us or from third parties.

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